How GTN Works

Lets get one thing out of the way first: The Global Trade Network is not an auction house. It’s a place you put your items for sale at a fixed price alongside everyone else’s items. There is no minimum bid, only a sell price.

The search function is¬†atrocious. In order to search for items you first need to specify a category and in most cases the subcategory as well. That will give you a list of items you can then filter by name. You also have the option of selecting the quality or level range and if the items are usable by you or any of your companions. The last option only applies to armor class and level as the GTN requires you to specify the armor class before searching the function is rather useless. For instance if you search for color crystals that is usable by you only it will still show crystals you cannot use due to force alignment. Also items are grey’ed out if you cannot use them.

The item list that you are provided with is sorted by stack price (if item is stackable), lowest to highest, by default. You cannot sort by single item price and to get it you will have to hover the mouse over the total price to see it.

Enough ranting about the search function. Now I need to rant on the sell function.

As mentioned above you are only able to put in a sale price when posting items. The GTN will also will in a default sell price for you. Always change that value. You have the option of putting your item for sale for 4 ¬†different time periods: 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, and 2 days. The deposit you will have to pay depends on the length of the “auction”.

GTN Deposit

  • 6 hours – 5% of sell price
  • 12 hours – 10% of sell price
  • 24 hours – 13% of sell price
  • 48 hours – 15% of sell price

You will get your deposit back with the item when the auction expires or with the credits when it sells. The only time you will lose your deposit is when you cancel the auction. When an item is sold the GTN takes a 3% cut of the sale, but because you also get the deposit back the credits you can pick up from you mailbox is always greater than the sale, so you hardly notice the 3% cut.

Speaking of mails from the GTN. Whenever you sell an item you will get a mail instantly informing you about the sale and letting you know that in an hour you will receive the credits. If you do not check your mailbox before the credits arrive this mail will luckily vanish. The mailbox will also allow you to get attachments and credits from all mails with two simple clicks which makes the process nice and easy. The only gripe I have is the “get all attachments” button is right next to the “delete mail” button. One could easily press the wrong one if not careful.

So these are the basics of how the GTN works. Later I will discuss how we can use this to give ourselves a competitive edge when selling items.