Welcoming Note

I have started this site to explore the potential of credit making in Star Wars: The Old Republic and share any tips and tricks I might come across. Goblins, or as they should probably be known in the Star Wars universe; Jawas, are the ones that strive to squeeze every last credit out of a customer and make the biggest profit from their trades. Jawas does not aim for wealth or status, but for the best trade possible.

My career as an MMO goblin started in World of Warcraft, where I got motivated to figure out a way to increase my income because I could not afford the luxuries and necessities in the game. I set out on a quest to learn how to manage my trade skills and play the auction house. 3 months later my business was running at full steam and after 6 months of playing auction house PvP I was set for life in the game monetarily.

Unlike World of Warcraft SW:ToR does not lend the same utilities for the hardened trader in the form of add-ons or even a simple API for macros. This makes the barrier to entry for the average player high, which in turn makes the field so much more open to players. As the game progresses we will undoubtedly see the introduction of such tools, but in the mean time it will be the strongest and most persistent that will prevail.

So before you start to think “I got a bad feeling about this!” have a read and get started on your Jawa career. Utini!

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