A Closer Look At Gear

As with any gear in the game their stats are tailored to fit a class/role combination. There are a total of 10 basic gear types which match the 10 class/role combinations. Here is a listing specific for Biochem and implants. Other crafting skill will have a similar structure but different names.

It is important to know which roles use which kind of gear as it impacts the demand and you also need to know which stats will likely be useless for at specific class/role combo. As Accuracy is not used by healers, any Resolve, Rejuvenation or Cardio gear with a Accuracy prefix (see How Reverse Engineering Works for info on stat relations to prefix) will be less effective as one with Alacrity. Even though you do not have to known the preferred stats for all class/role combos to play your own character, you still need to know the rest in order to have an idea of the demand of certain items.

Below I have color-coded the optimal stats distribution green, lesser but still viable options yellow, and everything that does not fit the specific class/role red. Please comment if you think I have miss-colored anything.


This brings us from 140 to 50 potential profitable items and gives a more focused approach to data gathering and crafting selections.

4 thoughts on “A Closer Look At Gear

  1. Man this site is pure awesome, I am loving working the AH with biochem and your spreadsheet is fantastic!

    That being said, this chart above is a bit confusing. The classes (pictures) you list beside them do not quickly let you know which spec they are for. (heals/tank/dps) Or do they and I just don’t see it?

  2. Why are there different priorities for the mirror classes? For instance, why do smuggers have a different priority than agents? (Also, as an agent, alacrity is no good for me. Much, much rather have surge and, to a point, accuracy)

    • If you look at the top I have listed the preferred name for each class/role. Don’t mind the icons, just focus on the specific type you need (IA DPS = Skill). There is no difference in the mirror classes.

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