How Reverse Engineering Works 3.0

With the release of the 3.0 patch Shadow of Revan the level cap has been raised to 60 and along with that the crew skill cap is now 500. This brings along a new system for reverse engineering. The old system is still in place for schematics level 1 to 450 and you can read my previous post about that here.

For schematic skill 451 to 500 a new system is in place. It is similar to the old system, but a few important changes does a whole lot of difference.

Here are the main differences:

1) Each increase in schematic rating will raise the two primary stats – not only the added stat(s) as in the old system.

2) Prototype prefixes are replaced with Artifact prefixes and as a result two stats are added on the Prototype level instead of just one.

The structure of stats on schematics is as follows.

Base stats:

  • Primary stat (main stat)
  • Primary stat (Endurance)
  • Secondary stat
  • Secondary stat

Prefix stats:

  • Secondary stat
  • Secondary stat

In the old system RE’ing a green item could teach you a blue schematic with one of three prototype prefixes (Critical, Overkill, Redoubt) – which would add one additional secondary stat (Critical Rating, Power, Defense Rating). In the new system learning a prototype schematic will add two secondary stats and raise the primary stats. If the added stat is already a base stat the stat is added to the existing number.

There are three different prefixes for prototype schematics: Fervor, Expert, and Veracity. These are the same prefixes as the artifact recipes in the old system. They are also straight up replacements to the old ones with the only difference that they add one more stat. Fervor replace Critical and adds Critical Rating and Accuracy Rating instead of only Critical Rating. Expert is Power and Surge Rating, and Veracity is Defense Rating and Shield Rating.

The prefixes for artifact schematics are mostly the same as before. Combos that mixed DPS and tanking stats are removed and a new tanking combo called Shielded is added. They are learned the same way with the only differences being 1) You can only learn a artifact prefix that shares the same stat as the prototype prefix you are RE’ing and 2) It will remove the stat that does not match the prefix.

Prefixes are also shuffled around a bit.

These are the 9 prefixes and their associated stats:


For instance RE’ing an Expert prototype item can grant you one of the following schematics: Hawkeye, Vehemence, or Expert. The kicker is if you discover a different artifact prefix from the prototype prefix it will remove the bonus the prototype prefix added and give the artifact bonus instead.

Schematics are now more streamlined and mixed stat combos like DPS and tanking stats in the same prefix has been removed. This means potentially less RE’ing required to learn the needed schematics.