A Starting Point

Welcome to Trade Wars.

Even though I aim to explore all crew skills in the game, I will have to focus on a few to begin with. The most interesting crafting skill, with the most potential to me initially was Biochem with the support of Bioanalysis and Diplomacy as the corresponding gathering and mission skill. As my main is a tank the prospect of better than average med packs, stims and adrenals and the possibility of reusable consumables, it was an easy choice.

Being level 50 I have maxed all 3 skills to 400 and are now in the process of gathering information on the most profitable way to use Biochem and it’s supporting skills. At the moment Implants seems to be the only profitable option other than selling materials gained from Bioanalysis and Diplomacy. So the strategy at the moment is to focus on Implants and go for the high level market. This area is large enough as there currently are 10 different Premium (green) schematics, which are all trainable from the skill trainer. These lead to 30 different Prototype (blue) schematics through reverse engineering, which again lead to 140 Artifact (purple) schematics. So a total of 180 different items to learn, craft and sell – and that’s not even counting the critical crafts with augmentation slots.

I am also leveling an alt with Synthweaving, Archaeology and Underworld Trading. I am not at a stage where I can give any sound advise so I will continue to explore that avenue at a later time. I will try to learn as many crew skills as possible, but the game is still young and I do not want to spread my efforts too thin this early.

It is evident that a lot of work lies ahead and I will try to keep track of my endeavors on this site. Please subscribe and check back regularly for updates.