A Dive Into Consumables

I’ve long stayed away from Biochem consumables to focus on implants. With recent changes to especially companion gear the implants market has taken a bit of a hit. Also all max level consumables are now limited use as in there are no longer any consumables with unlimited uses. As any good Jawa¬†knows diversifying your markets will make your creditmaking less volatile. This made me want to dive deep into the consumables market.

There are three types of consumables: Medkits, Stims and Adrenals. If you are thinking in do some camping this year, check this article to learn about what you need for a successful camping.


Medkits are pretty straight forward with two different types. One for you and your companion and one only healing you.

!!! Difference in medpac level regarding HOTs Purple < Blue !!!


These are your long-time persistent through death buffs.